Summerwood is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of operational excellence in the quick service restaurant (QSR) business. We take every aspect of our business seriously – from the rigorous enforcement of health and food safety standards by our dedicated Food Safety Coach to the meticulous examination of daily operating metrics.

We achieve this level of excellence by making Summerwood a place that we can all believe in, and where people love what they do. As such, we maintain a culture that is supportive, inclusive, fair, introspective and fun. We believe in respecting each other. We want everyone at Summerwood to look forward to coming to work every day.

Leadership Focus

The success of a restaurant is determined by the leadership ability of its managers. For this reason, the most important things that we do are to identify leadership potential, to develop those employees into better leaders, and to give those employees the authority, autonomy, and mentoring to hone their leadership skills. We are always working to improve the managerial skills and potential of every employee at Summerwood – from team members through senior management. Our dedicated training department, leadership workshops, mentoring programs, review process, shift classes, and participation in outside conferences are targeted at building leadership skills. These skills include motivation, communication, team building, and attention to detail. In addition, they focus on the underlying components of leadership such as understanding body language, listening effectively, introspection (understanding oneself) and fostering respect and humility.

In particular, we believe in servant leadership – our leaders are passionate about serving the people that serve our customers. It is a great and humbling privilege to lead, and we develop and promote leaders that recognize, appreciate, and enthusiastically demonstrate servant leadership.

In-House Capability

Summerwood maintains its in-house staff and facilities to provide the best possible resources for our employees to learn and succeed. These resources include:

  1. Our in-house Training Department and training facility
  2. A 24 hour on-call in-house maintenance department with in-house field technicians that can quickly repair equipment and other problems in our stores
  3. A 24-hour IT Department to respond to store level technology concerns
  4. Food Safety Coaches to monitor food safety standard compliance and to provide quick response to any questions or concerns from the field in addition to helping to teach best practices
  5. Loss prevention specialists to monitor theft and identify potential security concerns
  6. A dedicated Human Resources Department

In addition to simplifying work for our in-store employees, the diversity and scale of this infrastructure give our employees the opportunity to advance to different roles and levels within Summerwood over the course of their careers.

Lastly, Summerwood has the latest cloud-based systems allowing our employees to remotely-access the most modern systems available such as those for payroll, maintenance, hiring, and document management.