August Prize Patrol – 8.24.10

Every quarter the Summerwood "Prize Patrol" hits the streets to give a big "thank you" celebration for restaurant teams that are making our customers happy!

On August 24, three stores were recognized for outstanding achievement: Cherry Hil,l Bala Cynwyd, Williamstown.

August 24 – Prize Patrol - Jennifer Hamilton and the team at Cherry Hill were recognized for having a perfect (100%) CER. This is a rare and exceptional achievement and is a phenomenal accomplishment.

August 24 – Prize Patrol - David DeMarco and the team at Bala Cynwyd were recognized for having over 90% Customer Based Champs Checks year to date.

August 24 – Prize Patrol - Jeffrey Hildebrand and the team at Williamstown were recognized for overall operational improvement for the year. They're now our 14th ranked store.