2022 State of the Union Recap

Every year, Summerwood comes together to celebrate the incredible work done by our teams across the company. And while we love to recognize hard work in person, this year, we were able to honor 2021’s special achievements through the Summerwood State of the Union zoom event. Restaurants leaders from every market gathered at set locations and “tuned in” to a special presentation. Congratulations to our winners below!

Restaurant General Managers of the Year:

Michael D., restaurant 32675

Karen C., restaurant 32674

Area Coach of the Year:

Kofi O.,  Area 18

Admin of the Year:

Joe D.
Development Manager

Mickey Noonan Award:

Lori G.
Director of Marketing

Jerri Toner Award:

Lisa H.
Restaurant General Manager

John Monte Award:

Eric T.
Area Coach

President’s Award

  • Azelina K.
  • Marc B.
  • Christine L.

Most Improved

  • Cynthia M.
    Pennsville, NJ
    (Moved up 70 spots)

Operations award to Admin

  • Denise B.
    VP of Construction & Maintenance
  • Rebecca K.
    Maintenance Manager

Successful Opening

KFC opened Feb. 26 in Sicklerville, NJ. The award was presented by Morita Olsen from KFC Corporate.

  • Gabby A.
  • Shanon H.

Regional of the year Awards

  • Jennifer Hildebrand’s Region:
    Carissa S.
    West Berlin, NJ
  • Andre Dyson’s Region:
    Amithumar D.
    Fredrick, MD
  • Carl Coulter’s Region:
    Aaron B.
    Salisbury, MD
  • John Kozar’s Region:
    Jill H.
    Area Coach – Western PA
  • Bryon Tierney’s Region:
    Gaurav G.
    Falls Church, VA

Marketing Megaphone

Fred H.
Restaurant General Manager

COO’s Vision of the year

  • Eddy L.
  • Krystyn H.
  • Travis R.