In Her Own Words: Destiny Celebrates Nine Years!

Destiny is no stranger to Summerwood fame. She was previously featured on the blog highlighting the experience of working with her best friend at our at our Deptford, NJ Taco Bell.

Taco Bell has made me into the person I truly wanted to be. -Destiny, General Manager

And who can forget her Taco Bellthemed maternity photoshoot when she was still expecting sweet baby girl Sophia? I guess you could say Destiny was working with her bestie then, too!

Now, Destiny celebrates another milestone with Summerwood: Nine years with our Taco Bell team! In honor of the big anniversary, Destiny penned an essay detailing her remarkable career journey. Check out an excerpt below!

When I was hired nine years ago as a little baby teenager along with 14 others, I would have never thought I’d be not only the last one standing, but also running my own store in nine years! After a few years of working, my goal was still 100% to go to college and become a teacher! The first time I did my own taxes at 18, after only working for Taco Bell for two years [and] realizing I made more in the year working part-time than the starting rate of teachers at the time, I couldn’t bring myself to put myself more into debt to go through college to make less money yearly. 

I knew I wanted to make a difference, I knew I wanted to change lives. I knew I wanted to teach and help people grow! So I decided that February, after tax time, that I would be pursuing this fulltime because I believed in the company and I believed in the difference I knew I could make in the lives of young people without being in the classroom inside of a school. I could do that in a restaurant, while getting free tacos. So, maybe, I’d just be a taco teacher instead.

Our first jobs are such an important part of what shapes us into the people that we are without even realizing it until later on in life. Having a work environment that is centered around building individuals up and maximizing their potential through hard work and love can change the lives of people who may not have that at home or haven’t experienced it at other jobs.

Thank you, Destiny, for the beautiful tribute to your time here with us so far. We appreciate you!

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