Kristin: An Area Coach With a Winning Mindset

While technically a Taco Bell veteran of nearly 20 years, Area Coach Kristin is new to the Summerwood family as her restaurant location was just acquired by the company two years ago. Change can be hard, but  Kristin shares that her team was welcomed with open arms. “… we quickly learned that Summerwood is here to do anything that we need,” she says.

“Summerwood is growing. They’re going to continue growing. They’re not going anywhere.” –  Kristin, Area Coach 

As an Area Coach, Kristin’s job is to support the daytoday operations of the Restaurant General Manager (RGM). Communication is key and  Kristin says that she approaches the job with the attitude of, “See what can we do better to make things good for the customers. How can we improve?”

And while her current role gives her the responsibility of providing support,  Kristin acknowledges that she received the same treatment during her rise to the top. “I had great training,” she says. I had great people along the way to help me.

Forward Motion

“As an Area Coach, you’re forward thinking,”  Kristin shares. And it’s not just for one location, it’s for multiple locations.” 

As a busy mom of four (including fiveyearold twins!),  Kristin is used to a fastpaced routine accommodating different people and schedules. And similar to seeing her own children grow up, Kristin shares that its also rewarding watching her young team members get hired for their first job with a Summerwood Taco Bell at age 15, and then move up the ranks while attending school and receiving Live Más scholarships to further their education.

For anyone interested in starting a career with Summerwood,  Kristin shares, “If you’re dedicated and you put the work in, there’s a position available for you with us.” What do you say? Are you in? Join our team!