Twenty-nine years: That’s what loyalty looks like to Christine, an Area Coach for Summerwood Area 15. Like many people looking for a job, Christine was first enticed to apply at Summerwood because a friend worked there. 

Christine began her career with Summerwood as a Team Member, moved up to Shift Manager, then assistant and on to the Restaurant General Manager role, where she stayed for 15 years. During those 15 years, Christine’s store was in thetop 10” for 12 years, a stat that supports Christine’s assertion that she is a competitive person. Eventually, word got out about Christine’s leadership prowess and she was promoted to Area Coach, a position shes held for two years.

What does the Area Coach role mean to Christine? “I support my team,” she shares. And, perhaps more importantly,“We’re making the guests 100 percent happy all the time … and having a lot of fun while doing it.

To anyone interested in joining the Summerwood team, Christine says theyre looking for applicants who are friendly, outgoing and responsible. In return, employees are rewarded with access to a number of impressive benefits. Christine touts the Tuition Reimbursement Program, Live Más Scholarship opportunities and the Employee Assistance Fund as a few of the highlights. In Christine’s observation, “That [employee] loyalty is there because we’re always there for them.”

Speaking to the heart of the Employee Assistance Program specifically, Christine says, “We don’t want to lose good team members because of a hardship.” After hearing that gem of wisdom, we’re just gonna go ahead and drop the link to apply for Summerwood jobs right here! 

Christine has felt similarly supported during the course of her Summerwood journey, with confidence-building career development opportunities. “It’s definitely helped me support my family, my children,” she says.

Having found her own way, Christine is now dedicated to mentoring fellow team members. In fact, Christine says the highlight of the job is seeing her people grow. “They 100 percent have my back, as I have theirs,” she shares.

Whether it’s a No. 1 store ranking or earning trips to the Summerwood Shore House, Christine loves having a goal to set her sights on. No dream is too big. Cheers to the dreamers!