Summerwood: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Liza has been with Summerwood almost as long as she has been married: 23 impressive years! Currently a Project Coach in Georgetown, DE, Liza began her Summerwood career while living in Philadelphia, PA. Typically, when moving homes, you might be assisted by friends or family, but Liza had help from her employer, Summerwood. Nine years ago, our company presented a job opportunity that was just too good to pass up, so Liza made the transition to Delaware. “It opened a … world of opportunities for me,” she shares.

Some may find the change from living in a city center to a more rural locale difficult, but Liza explains she was warmly welcomed. “I found a lot of comfort within the stores,” she says.

“It’s comfortable. It’s like Cheers — everybody knows your name.”

Explaining her loyalty, Liza says, “Summerwood’s a good company … very family oriented, they care about their employees.”

Liza shares about one particularly tough time, after experiencing multiple deaths in her family, when Summerwood showed up for her. Members of Summerwood’s Executive Team attended the funerals.

“It makes you feel like they really care.” -Liza, Project Coach

Summerwood offers more than just emotional support to team members. Liza mentions the Employee Assistance Plan, which allows team members to take out loans to assist with financial burdens. “If there’s any type of hardship[s], or anything like that, they’re always willing to help,” she says.

In addition to financial aid, Summerwood also provides team members with plenty of development opportunities, familiar to Liza, who has steadily climbed the ladder during her time with the company. “We have lots of room for opportunity,” she says.

Liza has helped develop many employees during her time with Summerwood. She recalls a crew member who started working for Summerwood at age 15, then moved up the ranks to Shift Manager, Assistant General Manager, Restaurant General Manager and Training Manager. “It’s a good feeling, you know, that you have that impact on people’s lives,” she says.

Of anyone looking to join the Summerwood team, Liza shares that they look for people who are friendly and outgoing. “Everyone is always willing to help out and just be there for each other,” she says.

In turn, employees are rewarded for their hard work with incentives like reward trips to the company’s Shore House vacation condo and bonus opportunities. “I think the perks [are] mainly what keeps a lot of people [here]. Because you can’t find that in a lot of companies,” she says.

The key to Liza’s success at Summerwood is treating people like people, with the goal of giving guests a positive experience. She’s fairly new to the project coach role, but plans to “take all the challenges that come.”

Given her tenure, you might be curious to know Liza’s favorite part of being with Summerwood. “The ‘joy’ parts,” she says. Joy: One small word with big impact. As Liza would say, “It’s a good thing.”