Taco Bell Manager Becky Saves a Life in the Drive-Thru

Summerwood Taco Bell employees are trained for a lot of on-the-job scenarios, but nothing quite like what took place at our Richboro, PA Taco Bell on a recent Saturday. Something so unusual, it garnered national media attention!

Check out ABC News’ coverage of Becky’s heroic story for additional details.


Richboro Manager Becky A. was working the lunch rush when she heard a scream and immediately sprang into action, running outside to help a guest in need. The scene she found was every mother’s worst nightmare: Natasha L.’s 11-week-old son was struggling to breathe and turning blue while in the drive-thru lane. A mother herself, Becky’s maternal instinct kicked in and she immediately began performing chest compressions on the baby. 

According to local EMTs who arrived on the scene, Becky’s quick thinking saved the boy’s life. Becky shared with ABC News that she knew CPR because of a similar incident involving her own daughter. It seems fated that she happened to be on duty that day!


Naturally, celebration was in order! Summerwood President and COP John M. presented Becky with his highest personal honor, his Philly Phanatic award.

Since that scary day, Becky has become Facebook friends with the boy’s mother, Natasha, bonded by the shared experience. While navigating the media frenzy in the aftermath of her heroism, Becky has shared that shes proud to be part of Taco Bell. We’re lucky to have you, too, Becky!