Team Member Spotlight: Rahfael

Meet Rahfael, a Breakfast Coach at the Sicklerville, New Jersey, Taco Bell.

The start of Rahfael’s Summerwood journey sounds like the beginning of any good story (it was “a rainy day…”). Rahfael was looking for a job and decided he needed a new start. He joined Summerwood as a Team Member in October 2018 and, with a team focused on his career development, eventually moved up to Breakfast Coach. 

“I like breakfast,” Rahfael says. Seems like a perfect match!

Perhaps more importantly, at Summerwood, Rahfael found a place where he can be his authentic self.

“I feel like I can be myself,” he shares. “They like the energy that I bring.”

“Content” is a word that describes Rahfael perfectly. He is happy exactly where he is, in part because at Summerwood, “they encourage me to keep being me.”

Rahfael regularly buys his employees breakfast, as well as cake for celebrating birthdays and special events. 

“I want to make sure they know that here… their actions are being recognized in a way that makes them feel like they belong,” Consider this the Summerwood impact — inclusivity, authenticity and recognition — an impressive set of core values for any employer.

At Summerwood, Rahfael asserts, “You have a lot of team members that are willing to help you grow further, get stronger.” He says if you do well, you’ll get rewarded.  How does Rahfael like to be rewarded? With a simple, “thank you.” 

In his current role as Breakfast Coach, Rahfael spends his mornings spreading positivity through compliments. “I know I’m saying something that could possibly brighten their day and make them have a better day,” he says. “Because you don’t know what they’re going through.”

Rahfael’s positive message for today? “You should join Summerwood. It’s good for you.” Yeah, listen to Rahfael. It’s good for you!