Team Member Spotlight: Vincent

Meet Vincent, one of Summerwood’s newest hires at the Sicklerville, NJ, Taco Bell. Vincent has been a crew member for three months, having joined the team after floating around to various jobs, trying to figure out what he wanted to do next.

Vincent says he applied with Summerwood at the chance for opportunity, flexibility. In his case, this isn’t his only gig. Vincent often spends nights recording music and on the weekends, does landscaping work with his brother. For this reason, he appreciates the company’s support of flexible work schedules, which allow employees like him to continue to enjoy life outside of the restaurant setting.

“It helps out when you want to do things like school, music, painting, art, or whatever you want to do,” he says.

Vincent knew from the very first interview that Taco Bell was going to be a great place to work. He immediately noticed how people seemed connected and driven.

After working for other companies, to him, it’s like a “breath of fresh air” at Summerwood. 

“I can come here and be who I am,” he says. Company culture is upbeat, positive. It’s a vibe that permeates throughout the ranks at Summerwood, trickling down from the top.

“I really love positivity,” he says. “It’s always something that’s just in the air here.”

Another thing Vincent loves about his job is that every day is fluid. He comes in to work and does what is needed, but it can be different every day. And even as a crew member, there are opportunities to lead, especially when someone else is out. 

“You can step up and be a leader,” he says. “It shows your character when people trust you to do things and lead a certain way.” 

So what does the future hold for this newbie? Vincent is happy for now but says he sees himself transitioning into a manager role someday. At Summerwood, he knows it’s entirely possible when you’re surrounded by great managers.