Meet: Area Coach

Newly promoted Area Coach Trina knows one thing for sure: she’s proud of everything she’s accomplished with Summerwood. 

“I get to engage with different levels of team members and managers and help them grow their strengths,” Trina says about her leadership role. “At Summerwood, we truly believe in our people.”

Trina began her Summerwood journey when in 1993 when she was just 18. Her mother had recently passed away, and she was looking for a change from her role as a Burger King manager. “I wanted a little bit less responsibility, and I joined as a Team Member,” Trina recalls. “They instantly recognized my strengths and promoted me quickly.”
From Team Member to Restaurant General Manager to Training Manager to Area Coach — Trina has certainly climbed the career ladder and reaped all of the rewards. She’s been awarded trips to Aruba, Mexico and California for her outstanding performance.

Through Summerwood’s recognition program, Trina also received an all-inclusive vacation to the Jersey Shore in one of the company’s exclusive shore houses. But Summerwood has aided in other ways, too. “I’ve always been afraid of public speaking, and they allowed me to take a few speaking classes to work on that skill,” Trina says. “They have always believed in me.”

Really what it boils down to, is the Summerwood family feel, Trina says. “The company puts everything into their people. And we’re all family here.”