How do you spell Shanon? We Spell it HUSTLE


Shanon has been with Summerwood since he was 16 years old and quickly climbed the ranks. He became a shift manager at 18 years old. Two years later, Shanon was promoted to assistant manager and six months after that, he assumed the restaurant general manager (RGM) role. Today, Shanon works as a Restaurant Training Manager, responsible for sharing his knowledge with fellow Summerwood team members.

Shanon’s positive energy is contagious (maybe it comes from the protein shake he consumes for breakfast every morning), which makes it clear why he was tapped to train Summerwood team members for the grand opening of the new KFC Sicklerville location. 

Explaining the importance of a good attitude, Shanon says, “As a trainer, you gotta be upbeat. You gotta … day in, day out, come in with the same exact energy.” 

Communication and respect are also important. Everyone from assistant general managers to restaurant general managers and shift leads come to train with Shanon before assuming positions in their assigned locations. And Shanon assumes responsibility for showing trainees the proper way to operate, proudly sharing, “we’re not like other restaurants … you come on in, you get trained the proper way, you get treated with respect.”

“We’re not like other restaurants … you come on in, you get trained the proper way, you get treated with respect.” – Shanon, Training Manager

And in return, Summerwood offers plenty of opportunities for career development. “If you want it, it’s so easy to get developed under these guys,” Shanon says. And they care.”

Shanon also understands its important to keep morale going, which is where the Summerwood bonus program comes in. Employees can qualify for quarterly bonuses, or bonuses with each paycheck, as an incentive for meeting daily restaurant metrics such as cleanliness and speed of service.

“Our Summerwood vision is [to have] the passion to serve others and build trust and loyalty,” Shanon shares.

Recognition is also a crucial part of the Summerwood vision. “Once you drop the recognition, you know, you’re pretty much just working check to check,” Shanon acknowledges.

Employees are celebrated via the Summerwood Crew App for birthdays, holidays and high performance on the job. There are five “celebrations” per shift, with some team members earning a $25 gift card as acknowledgement for their hard work. “Without your team, you’re nothing,” Shanon says.

Then of course, there’s the whoo!” an upbeat rally cry Shanon created for the team to let off steam and celebrate success after a busy shift.

“You gotta really take care of these people — day in, day out,” he says. Shanon makes an effort to connect with the people he works with on a personal level, sharing, “It’s not just about the job. You gotta make sure the team is good personally, outside the store and inside the store.”

And Shanon feels supported in his Summerwood journey as well. “They support you in any kind of way. Summerwood is amazing,” he says.

“They support you in any kind of way. Summerwood is amazing.” – Shanon, Training Manager

Of his future career plans, Shanon says he has his eyes set on becoming an area coach. “I plan on moving up. And I think it’s about that time,” he shares. I’m ready.” We don’t doubt it! 

Shanon’s final words of wisdom? “I think you should come work for us.” We’ll go ahead and drop the link for you right here