Heather, Forever Happy with Summerwood

When Heather joined Taco Bell at the age of 16, she had no idea that she’d found her forever home. Her best friend recommended Heather get a job at the Taco Bell where she worked in Las Vegas because she had a “cool boss, and the rest is history. Heather’s hard work and people first attitude have allowed her to create new career opportunities for herself.

Now, as a Restaurant Training Manager in Pennsylvania, Heather knows that shes found her niche. Since she became certified three months ago, she has trained three assistant managers and multiple shift leads. “I like to train,” she says with a big smile. Based on her energy and excitement, “like” seems to be an understatement!


Heather is certain that she sees herself at Summerwood for the rest of her career. Hows she so sure? She left Taco Bell for a short period of time to do some exploring, but that experience ultimately solidified her passion for working for Summerwood. 

“I did it my whole life,” Heather says of working at Taco Bell. “I thought, there has to be more out there. But it turns out, there wasn’t!” 

“At Summerwood they are very supportive, they are peopleoriented. They put their people first.” -Heather, Restaurant Training Manager

Culture Contributions

Heather contributes to the culture immensely. As she trains newcomers, she takes the time to make sure everyone feels heard and appreciated. “It’s important that they feel supported by you even after they complete their training and move on to their new position,” Heather says. “They need to know that you’re still there for them just like Summerwood has been there for you.”

While Heather is an extremely hard worker, its not lost on her that she and her teammates are humans first. She makes sure to remember everyones birthdays and anniversaries, and keeps it feeling like a family. 

“I think the successful RGMs are the ones that can connect with their people and get behind them, because you can’t do it alone,” Heather says. “Make sure [your team] understand[s] that you’re a person too, not just their boss.”

“You have to have the support of those around you in order to be successful.” -Heather

Heather’s advice to those looking for their next opportunity? “If you’re looking for a job, you’ll absolutely love a spot at your nearest Taco Bell.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Heather!