Leveraging Scholarships, Building a Career, & Having Fun Along the Way

Haley has worked just about every single role within Summerwood Taco Bell restaurants over the last six years. Starting as a service champion, she has worked her way up and is now a tremendous Area Coach. So much transition so fast is enough to shake anyone, but Haley is one ambitious young woman. “Over time it gets easier, you get more comfortable, you start branching out and really taking on the role,” Haley said of her rapid ascent through the ranks at Summerwood.

“Anytime folks need me in the restaurants, I like to be there answer any phone calls, just try to help in any way possible.”

Haley grew up in a small town, and loves the professional and personal growth opportunities that Summerwood has offered her. “Being an Area Coach, I really enjoy the fact that I’m not tied down to one store and I get to interact with many different kinds of people … I come from a small town, so now I get to branch out and see different cultures, different people, she shares.

As an Area Coach, Haley takes pride in supporting her teams to the best of her ability. Even if she is not in a store that day, she’ll point her employees in the right direction and see that each question is answered. 

While working as an Area Coach, Haley is also in school working on her degree in business marketing. She greatly looks forward to using her degree to further excel in her current role, saying, “I can find a way to use my business marketing degree to help build the sales in the restaurant.” 

“Summerwood is a fun place to work. They help pay for my schooling, and they’ve helped advance my career.”

What’s better, Summerwood offers a tuition reimbursement program that is supporting Haley’s degree. “Any shift lead or above that is thinking about going back to school, I say why not give it a try if you’re already working for [Summerwood]. If you’re not, you should definitely get a job here.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Haley. 

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