How Bonuses Can Give Team Members the Boost They Need

Every day, Sarah drives to work in a shiny new Jeep, thanks in part to Summerwood bonuses. The company’s bonus program enabled Sarah to invest in a reliable car for herself and helped her buy a house. She says having a career helps her earn what she needs.

Sarah is an RGM at our Oxford Valley location in Fairless Hills, PA. She joined Summerwood in 2016 after moving to the U.S. from the Philippines with her husband and realizing she wanted more. 

She could have landed a job with any QSR brand, so why Taco Bell?

“Seems like Taco Bell is like a happy family,” she says. “I wanted to start something.”

And start she did! Sarah began as a team member, which she says was her first job. Now she’s a successful RGM.

What’s unique about Sarah’s story, coupled with her life-changing move from abroad, is how working at a Summerwood Taco Bell has helped this young immigrant learn the English language and understand social interaction from her peers and managers. She’s learned a lot just by being on the job.

Sarah says the company has always been supportive and shown interest in helping her further develop, especially her direct manager. After several moves up the career ladder, she says she’s now being encouraged to become a restaurant training manager.

What does that entail? “Teaching my knowledge to other people — to the new team members, new management,” she explains. She continued, sharing that she aims to help others “… be successful like I am today.”

Sarah is very appreciative of the company. “Not all companies treat you well,” she says. According to her, Summerwood cultivates a great environment, shows willingness to help people achieve success, and offers attractive perks and benefits. The financial support she’s received is just the beginning.

“I feel like Summerwood value[s] the team more than making money,” Sarah shares. “They don’t want to lose any part of their family.”

It’s no wonder this place has become like a second family to her!

“I stay at Summerwood because it motivates me and there’s a lot of challenges and I love challenges.”