Meet Brandon: Taking Care of Family, Supported by Summerwood

Behind this warm smile is Brandon, a responsible go-getter who, at 18, doesn’t seem at all inconvenienced by being the only person in his family currently employed, paying the bills. 
A Shift Leader at Oxford Valley, it’s obvious Brandon’s inspiration to excel at Summerwood is his parents. They worked “crazy hours” and “pulled doubles” throughout his childhood to make sure he and his siblings always had what they needed. 

“My parents moved us to Pennsylvania for a better lifestyle and you know, better environment for school,” he says.

Now this family guy is focused on doing his part to take care of everyone. My parents did it for us growing up so I feel like its only right now that I, you know, kind of pick up the slack a little bit. 

It’s hard to believe Brandon originally wanted to be a teacher considering he’s well on his way to developing a successful career with Taco Bell. And a lifelong love of Nacho Fries! After accepting his first job with us at age 16, Summerwood’s family-oriented culture and supportive environment kept him around.

I just really enjoy the atmosphere that the company has to offer.

When I started, it was very friendly, welcoming,” he recalls. “There really wasn’t anything that turned me off about the company.” 

Brandon knew right away that he wanted to grow with us. In two years, he’s already climbed up a few rungs of the career ladder and has plans to keep going. Next up? Brandon is hopeful he’ll be tapped for an Assistant General Manager position. 

Continuing to reflect on the past two years of life and work, he’s happy to share how he’s been supported by our company. 

Summerwood has from the beginning given me resources to better myself and my situation. 

Balancing school and work has been difficult at times. As a 16yearold student athlete pulling 35hour workweeks, Summerwood’s willingness to be flexible has always been important. And when his family needed extra money early on, he wound up with a promotion in recognition of his hard work. When others observed Brandon’s interaction with team members and guests, he was quickly put on the manager track.

“Growth in this company is endless …”

Today, he remains thankful for great leadership in the process and gives credit where credit is due: “None of this would have been possible without my Area Coach Jen, or my GMs Sarah and Anastasia.” 

Brandon is one who strives for greatness; you can see he’s been taught to be the best that he can be. Of course this carries over to the work environment. After a year of challenges, with staffing issues topping the list, he’s optimistic about 2023.

I think that our restaurant will be doing better than what it is now,” he says. “And I think that all of our employees will be happy to come into work like they usually are.We love this healthy forecast!