Team Spirit

Region Coach Bryon Finds Value On And Off The Field

At Summerwood, we appreciate volunteerism yearround, and we’re pleased to be able to celebrate it during Volunteer Month. Today we are shining the spotlight on Bryon, a Region Coach who does a fair amount of coaching outside of work as well! 

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” – John Wooden, Basketball coach & player

“I volunteer coaching my kids’ leagues. I did it for Howard County’s flag football league when I lived in Maryland and then in the Pittsburgh flag football league. I also coach South Fayette soccer,” Bryon shares.

Bryon has been coaching for nearly six years. He says it began as an outlet from a busy work schedule and as a way to spend quality time with his kids. But Bryon quickly found he really enjoyed teaching the kids sportsmanship and watching them grow as players. A case of work imitating life for this dedicated Region Coach! 

Being a good sport is key to successful collaboration inside and outside our restaurants as well. Congratulations, Bryon, on your important contributions to the communities in which we serve!