Jordan’s Take: Tuition-Free College Is Yours!

Jordan C., Shift Leader at our KFC in Ewing, NJ recently took advantage of KFC Foundation’s generous tuition-free college benefit through the accredited online-only Western Governors University (WGU).

Jordan, 20, just kicked off a new chapter in May after first trying a local community college. 

Get a degree for FREE at WGU!

“It is a much-needed opportunity,” he says of the switch to WGU. “A very convenient way to learn at my own time, without fear of being left behind.” 

Jordan‘s focus is business management; he hopes to complete his degree program within two years. Read more about the Foundation-WGU partnership and specific degree offerings here.


WGU calls itself the “University of You” on its website. Jordan was surprised to hear that no one else from Summerwood has taken advantage of this tuition-free opportunity to date. Now that he knows about it, he encourages his team to check it out, he says.

“It’s something that’s available, no additional requirements,” he says. “Unlike other companies, this is available to anybody on Day 1.”

The KFC Foundation covers 100% of WGU tuition and required fees for eligible KFC team members.

Jordan says he was met with great support from restaurant management when he decided to apply.

“My general manager is one of those people who agree[s] that school comes first,” he shares, saying she regularly works to accommodate his schedule. He also expresses appreciation for his Area Coach and Assistant General Manager (also his mentor).


Once enrolled, students can start online classes with WGU the first of any month, according to Jordan. He says regardless of which degree program is chosen, studies begin with an introductory enrollment course that helps outline what to expect. Once that’s complete, students can move on to other classes. Both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available.

One thing that stood out to Jordan is WGU’s transparency about course offerings and estimated time to completion. He appreciated seeing estimates on how long it took other working students to finish their degree programs.

KFC crew, ready to take your higher education goals to the next level? Apply today!

Jordan, thank you for sharing about your experience and paving the way for others!