Second Chances at Summerwood = $17, 500!

At Summerwood, we believe in second chances. That’s why we created the Second Chance Scholarship as a way to financially support ambitious team members who’ve taken a shot at landing one of Taco Bell’s Live Más Scholarships, but haven’t won quite yet. We believe it takes courage just to apply!

Summerwood’s Second Chance Scholarships

Employees who apply for the Taco Bell Foundation’s Live Más Scholarship are also automatically eligible for Summerwood’s Second Chance Scholarship. After Taco Bell Foundation selects its Live Más winners — and we have a couple of those, too — we take matters into our own hands! Each year, we review every Summerwood applicant who applied for a Live Más Scholarship (and didn’t win) and enter these applicants into a lottery where we select our own deserving winners. 

Congratulations to this year’s Second Chance winners, receiving a total of $17,500!


Angelina Gaeta, Store #26094

Annabelle Fervilus, Store #29462

Emily Johnson, Store #36318

George Hayes, Store #22267

Matthew Lane, Store #40078


Alexandra Recke, Store #22267

Amya Bolling, Store #37836

Ashley Mendoza Guevara, Store #36546

Brianna Demagall, Store #40068

Emonie Taylor, Store #24413

Jaden Culotta, Store #40028

Jonathan Ayala, Jr., Store #19266

Marissa Orris, Store #33472

Nina Pantaleone, Store #37078

Shayla Morgan, Store #37006