New Restaurant Openings

Summerwood Celebrates Grand Opening of York, PA Taco Bell

Summerwood is thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of its York, PA Taco Bell at 1501-1523 North George Street.

This new Taco Bell location has the distinction of being the very first double drivethru in York. The previous restaurant location boasted a building that was more than 30 years old and served Summerwood well, but theres just something inspiring about a fresh new space!

An immeasurable amount of work goes into a project of this magnitude. Summerwood extends tremendous thanks to RGM Travis Robinson and Team Susquehanna Trail for their tireless efforts in setting up for a wonderful first day. And special thanks also to RGM Corey Davis and Team White Street whose staff transferred over to the George Street Taco Bell to work while their location is being rebuilt. 

Summerwood also extends thanks to the following people who were instrumental in getting the new location ready to go live:

  • Denise, Andrew and the Maintenance team
  • David (stellar equipment checks)
  • Terry & the IT team (tech readiness)
  • Mary (health inspections)
  • Aria Wire and the Harrisburg team (dual lane training)
  • Corporate office (systems support set up)
  • JJ Maerz (project management)

Team George Street did an amazing job preparing themselves for this transition! The excitement was obvious as the team watched this new construction go up from the vantage point of their former Taco Bell location. 

Interested in joining in on the fun? View a list of open positions.