Taco Bell Mathematician: Summerwood + Brahime = Career Success

When Mr. Rogers said, “Look for the helpers,we’re pretty sure he was talking about people like Brahime. Now a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) for our Franklin Mills Taco Bell, Brahime first joined Summerwood to help a friend. “I always want to help,” he says.


Brahime started as a team member simply looking for a summer job, but quickly became attached to the culture.

It was just a summer job for Brahime — until it turned into a fulfilling career!

“I decided, I want to be something inside this company,” he says. After working for two years as a team member, he became a Shift Lead, then an Assistant Manager, and six months later, he landed his current RGM role.

“A skinny kid with a funny accent … climbing the ladder without knowing somebody,” he says, reflecting on his career journey. I believe that’s impressive.” Who could disagree?

Brahime moved to the United States in 2008, and joined Taco Bell in 2014 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics from Temple University. French is his first language, but he learned English soon after moving to the States. “Learning is always a big thing for me, he says. 

Besides his passion for learning, Brahime loves making tacos and, “I really love helping,” he says of his job. Brahime acknowledges that while his role comes with challenges, for him, support from Summerwood has made all the difference. 

Recalling staffing challenges pre and postpandemic, Brahime says that Summerwood took action by raising hourly wages and streamlining a previously complicated application process in an effort to ease pain points. 

“What stands out about Summerwood is the people part. Summerwood really, really help[s] its people.” – Brahime, RGM

Brahime also recalls the time a young team member came to work in tears after losing an Apple Watch. The shift lead on duty went out of his way to replace the watch, this time leaving the team member in tears for a happy reason. “Who would believe that? Which company would do that for you?” Brahime asks.

It’s like family, he says. Thinking about the new kids hes going to hire and help is what excites Brahime the most about the job. Young team members often come to him with their good news, like when they get a good grade in school. “I feel like a proud Dad every single day,” he says. (We’ll pause while you grab a tissue).

If being hospitable seems like second nature for Brahime, it’s because he learned by example from his mother, while growing up in West Africa. “My Mom will give you food, she will give you drink, she will give you somewhere to stay,” he says proudly.

This is what motivates Brahime to work hard and come to work every day with a positive attitude. “I feel like I’m home,” he shares. “I can’t ask for more.” Neither can we!