The Shift Lead Known As “Taco Bell Mom”

Michelle was already a mom to one of her own when she joined the Summerwood Taco Bell team in 1995 and became an honorary “Taco Bell Mom.” Her son was four months old at the time, and hospitalized with croup, when Michelle realized she needed to find a job. A neighbor worked for Taco Bell and, as they say, the rest was history.

Now a mother to two grown sons, Michelle has stayed with Taco Bell for 28 years, in large part due to the flexibility the job offered. “I had little babies and I wanted to see them and raise them,” she shares. “I didn’t want to take time away from my children. Summerwood was fine with that.”

The same virtues that make Michelle a good mom, make her a good Shift Lead at Summerwood’s Bristol, NJ Taco Bell. Patience is key! Michelle works with as many as 16 young Taco Bell team members at a time, and understands that starting a new job can be scary, which is why she has taken on a nurturing role in her restaurant.

“I’m like Taco Bell Mom. At my job, everybody calls me Mom.’ – Michelle, Shift Lead

This mama super power drives Michelle to go above and beyond for her team. She often gives team members rides to and from work because “… that way I know they get home safe, and they get to their jobs safe.”

As a result of her commitment, Michelle says she’s “grown a lot of great relationships with all the kids.”

Its no surprise to learn that Michelle sees work as an extension of her family. “I love Taco Bell. They’re like my … second family. I’ll do anything for them.”


“They’re always flexible. That’s what I love about Taco Bell.” – Michelle, Shift Lead

Encouraging team members to grow their careers is important to Michelle because she received the same support when she was new, and she remains appreciative to this day.

Michelle has big goals for 2023, which include throwing it back to 2019 when her location was awarded Taco Bell’s Best of the Best award as a top 100 restaurant. “I would love to do that again,” she admits. No doubt, all of her kids will be cheering her on!