Team Member Duo: Steve & Teesha

Meet Steve and Teesha, newlyweds who caught one another’s eyes nine years ago in a Taco Bell lobby.

It was love at first sight and they still seem to have the spark, as evidenced in their shared humor. Teesha claims Steve winked at her; he totally denies the accusation.

Today, this dynamic duo agrees that working at the same restaurant location is not the best idea for them. But working for the same company and in the same industry has had its perks: at the end of the day, they relate to each other better, understand the ups and downs of one another’s jobs, and also look at the other person’s achievements as their own.

Teesha is now a Restaurant Training Manager juggling two locations, while Steve is in his 23rd year with Taco Bell as an RGM at the Kirkwood Highway location, which is one of the highest volume locations for the company. They live in Dover, Delaware.

Both are longtime employees of Summerwood for good reason.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Steve says. “I love this company.”

Teesha says that Summerwood has really supported the couple throughout the years professionally and personally, especially in the area of financial help through the company’s Employee Assistance Program.

“Summerwood has really helped us with the huge milestones in our life,” she says. “Like buying a car, buying a house, our wedding. They’ve been there for all of that.”

The two agree that Summerwood’s “family vibe” is also a key reason they’ve stuck around. Steve says the company knows it can always rely on these two, and Steve and Teesha in turn believe they can count on Summerwood to be there for them. Teesha is so devoted that she jokes that she will die at Taco Bell!

“It always just feels like an extension of family,” Steve says. “They know that they have us to lean on. When they need something, they call on us and ask us to do whatever we need to do, and we do the same.” So what’s next for these two? Goal-oriented and feeling empowered by Summerwood, both are continuing their climb up the career ladder. Teesha would like to be promoted to Area Coach; Steve is training to become an above store leader. At Summerwood, there’s always room to grow.

“If you have the drive, if you want to be successful, you can be successful here.” Steve says.