Team Member Spotlight: Cierra

Meet Cierra, the Shift Manager at Summerwood’s Elizabethtown Taco Bell. Unlike most employees, she hadn’t really eaten at Taco Bell before taking a job with us! Three years later, she has no trouble naming her favorite menu item: the beef quesarito.

Cierra joined the Elizabethtown location as a Food Champion when she was just 15; still early in her career, Summerwood has been her only employer to date. But in a short amount of time, Cierra has already been promoted several times. Today, she’s in management training to become an Associate Restaurant General Manager (RGM).

“I want to have my own store… my own team,” Cierra says, going on to share that she’d enjoy building her own team from scratch.

When asked what she likes about Summerwood, Cierra says the company cares about its employees.

“If you’re stressed or if there’s something happening… in your life, they do what they can to take care of you,” she says. “If you need time off or extra help, they’ll be there for you.”

So what makes work worth it for Cierra? She says her team is amazing, fun and diverse. She also cites Summerwood’s culture of friendly competition amongst its restaurants (“fun is the competitive side of Taco Bell”) as a source of motivation for employees to reach company and personal goals. It definitely adds to the fun factor. She appreciates being rewarded with bonuses for doing her job well.

“People putting you on top of the world for doing good,” she says. “That’s the best part.”