Team Member Spotlight: Cat

Technically, she’s an Area Coach at Summerwood’s Maryland and Delaware Taco Bell locations, but after a few minutes of chatting with Cat, it’s easy to see how that title could translate to “Life Coach.”

Cat has been with Taco Bell for 12 years since moving to the U.S. from Australia with her husband. But Taco Bell isn’t Cat’s first career; she started as a teacher. Teacher, coach — starting to see a theme here?

Like any good coach, Cat utilizes a game plan to ensure success.

“Development is every day. You need to find out where the gaps are and then fill them, so that your people can be successful,” she shares.

Cat is a self-described “ambitious person,” which explains why she says, “My favorite part of the job is teaching people, developing people. I love watching people grow their own careers. And knowing in a little, small way, I’ve helped them progress.”

It’s all about attitude and effort for Cat and the members of her team.

“I’m hoping to find someone that wants to work hard but also wants to have fun,” she says (cue happy dance).

Cat also stresses the importance of being good at working with the public. “Yes, we sell tacos,” she says. “But this is a people business.”

Explaining the “why” behind her Summerwood experience, Cat effuses, “The culture here is amazing. The people are really friendly, very supportive. It’s just a wonderful place to work.”

After being at Somers Point just a few weeks, Cat’s boss sent her to pay for lodging for a team member who was struggling and didn’t have anywhere to live. Summerwood ended up paying the hotel bill for two weeks and then gave the team member a loan to put down a deposit on a new apartment.

“Some people will say they care about people, but to show they care about people? I was just like, wow, I made a good choice here,” Cat says.

Another one of Cat’s good choices? Choosing to have a positive attitude. “Generally, if I go in with a positive attitude… no matter what difficulties we’re having, we can get through it,” she says.

Be right back — going to write that on a post-it note!