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Team Member Spotlight: Kyle

This is Kyle, an energetic team member at a Summerwood KFC who aims to spread cheer and laughter wherever he goes. Kyle’s career with KFC began with a “Help Wanted” sign hanging in the restaurant window and a friendly follow up call from Gabby, the RGM.

Initially responding to the recruitment poster, he’s now been a team member for months. This is his first job with Summerwood. He says he loves talking to people and making a good first impression, so his place at the front register has always been fitting. He calls himself “the spirit captain of KFC.” 

“I try to shine my light anywhere I go.”

It’s hard to ignore Kyle’s contagious positivity, which centers on the mantra “win the day.”

Kyle strives every day to become a better version of himself and that shines in how he interacts with his team (“teamwork makes the dream work”) and KFC customers.

Of his future with Summerwood, he says, “I hope the opportunities just keep rising up.”

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