Team Member Spotlight: Ervin

Ervin is a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) at the Dover, Delaware Taco Bell location going on three years. And you might say his experience with Summerwood has been golden.

Ervin moved with his wife for her job and, when it came to his next role, knew he wanted something that would lead to a career.

“I always loved Taco Bell,” Ervin shares.

After connecting with an acquaintance who raved about his experience working for Taco Bell, “I decided to give it a whirl,” says Ervin. 

Speaking about what attracted him to the business, Ervin cites the fact that Summerwood takes care of their employees, going above and beyond with scholarships and competitive wages. As an example, Summerwood is one of the first companies Ervin has worked for that has given out team member bonuses.

“I loved everything they had to offer,” he asserts.

With his typical positive attitude, Ervin says, “I came in as an RGM ready to rock!” According to Ervin, the RGM role is all about leading the team to success.

Referring to his crew, Ervin insists, “Everything great falls on their shoulders. It’s all them.” 

Perhaps Ervin’s most impressive managerial skill is understanding where to place crew members to best allow them to thrive. He looks at management as a puzzle, and it’s his job to find out where the pieces fit.

“You have to be able to read people. Everybody is managed differently,” he opines.

“Everybody is their own unique person, so you can’t manage everybody the same,” he shares.
It is clear that as an RGM, Ervin operates each day with a passion for his work, and he is passionate about developing the team around him.

“I’ll give you all the tools and all you have to do is just move forward,” he says.

As recognition for all of his hard work, Ervin became a member of a prestigious club when he earned Summerwood’s Golden Bell Award and a trip to Hawaii with other RGMs from the top 100 stores, where they celebrated their accomplishments.

“The Golden Bell is the experience of a lifetime,” he gushes.

The only downside? Not being able to bring the people that helped get him there. When speaking about his team, Ervin is downright effusive. In fact, while on his reward trip, he called his Assistant Manager to express his appreciation.

“It’s all about your team. If you don’t have a team, you’re not moving forward,” he insists.

Sharing his hopes and dreams for the future with Summerwood, Ervin says, “My goal is ultimately to help people. And that’s what I’m doing right now.” 

Stay golden, Ervin!