Team Member Spotlight: Michael

Meet Michael, a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) at Summerwood’s Cockeysville, MD location.

Michael boasts an impressive 23 years working for Taco Bell — seven with Summerwood. It was at Summerwood where he learned that culture is the main thing that drives a franchise.


“Culture creates the environment, it creates the positivity,” Michael asserts. 

“Culture,” “family” and “development” are words referenced often in the Summerwood world, and Michael echoes those sentiments as well. 

“The medical benefits are unbelievable, the bonus program is unbelievable,” he shares. “It’s just amazing what they offer.”

Michael is one of those lucky people who says, “I like going to work every day.”

About joining Summerwood, he urges potential employees to choose Summerwood because it feels like family. “And everybody cares about one another…” he says. “They know your name and they know what you’re about.”

Michael doesn’t just wish for his own success, which is what makes him such a great RGM. As a leader, he says, “you want everybody to succeed…in what they do.”

With that team player attitude, Michael was able to lead his location to being No. 1 in the franchise.

“That was my goal last year. And we achieved it,” he proudly proclaims.

With that accomplishment checked off his list, Michael has his sights set on the next big dream: the prestigious Golden Bell award, given to the top 100 performers in the country. 

True, Michael is one to watch. He’s got big ideas. In fact, there’s even a rumor he wants more dessert options on the menu. We can’t wait to see what you do next, Michael. Whatever it is, we know it will be sweet!