Team Member Spotlight: Mallory

Meet Mallory, a 20-year-old rising star at Summerwood. She got her first job with Taco Bell in 9th grade and now runs her own restaurant in Elizabethtown, PA. 

Mallory never thought she’d be where she is. In fact, she believes Summerwood really had a hand in her career development, especially the discovery of her own self worth.

“Everything about this job is what I’ve been looking for.”

“A lot of times people feel that if you don’t go to college, you’re not going to be much of anything,” she says. “But Summerwood really sees the light in you that you can’t see… If it weren’t for the Area Coach that I had, or Summerwood believing in me and cheering me on, I wouldn’t be where I am.” 

Mallory started as a team member, then climbed the career ladder to become a Shift Manager, Associate RGM and now is Restaurant General Manager (RGM) at her location. She received her latest promotion in June 2021. 

It is evident that she’s hard working and motivated so even though she loves what she’s doing now, Mallory already knows what her next goal is: to become a training manager. 

“Summerwood really sees the light in you that you can’t see.”

“I really enjoy the training and development of people… building people’s capabilities and watching them grow,” she says. In her budding career so far, she’s already had the experience of promoting a handful of deserving team members. 

For Mallory, it all started with a desire to save money and build a future for herself. Looking to young people today, she would strongly encourage them to apply for a job at a Summerwood Taco Bell. 

“Everything that you want in a job or in a career is here: people that listen to you, competitive pay, knowing that your opinions are heard,” she says.

To Mallory, Summerwood is a great company to work for several reasons. First, she believes the company does a great job communicating (“you never feel out of the loop”). She also feels cared about and heard; her opinions and feedback are valued, and that’s a big deal! She also goes on to share that when there is a problem, Summerwood is responsive and supportive in finding a solution.

Summerwood also offers employees a whole suite of benefits and perks. In her interview, Mallory was quick to highlight Taco Bell’s Live Más Scholarship(Live Más applicants are also eligible for Summerwood’s “Second Chance” Scholarship), GED program, and bonuses for high performing managers, indicating that Summerwood “gives back” to those that work hard and do the best they can, making employee recognition a big part of company culture. 

“Everything about this job is what I’ve been looking for,” she says. “It’s a big part of… why I love coming to work every day.”