The Queen Of QSR

They say to bloom where you are planted, which, for Rose, a Restaurant General Manager at a Summerwood Taco Bell in Monroeville, means the quick service industry. Rose began working for Quick Service Restaurant’s (QSRs) in 2012, spending time with two different competitors during her rise to the top. “I left them because they weren’t a very understanding company,” she shares about one king-size employer. The good news is, Rose is a “grow through what you go through” type of person.

“I just like working here with my family.” – Rose, RGM

Rose joined this Summerwood Taco Bell as an assistant and quickly began her journey up the career ladder to the RGM role, where she is today. So, is the grass greener at Summerwood? Rose would argue, yes. “They’re great,” she says about Summerwood. “They’re very understanding. They have lots of training opportunities.”

Quick to share the secret to her career success, Rose says, “To be a good RGM, you need patience and understanding of the crew.” Part of understanding the crew means, “always working beside them” — which is easy to do when your coworkers feel like family!

Development, encouragement, and support are mainstays in the Summerwood fold. Rose currently has three team members working toward new roles, and says this advancement builds on existing knowledge and expands their understanding of the company.

“Summerwood doesn’t want to hold anybody back. If you want to go [to] the next step, we figure out ways to get you to that next step.”

As an RGM, Rose motivates her team by, “always cheering them on and telling them they’re doing a good job.” Summerwood also has many benefits available for their employees in the form of scholarship opportunities, bonus programs and loans, which Rose has benefitted from firsthand.

Rose recently found herself in need of a new car to transport her daughters, ages six and one. Coming up just short of the money needed to complete the purchase, Rose reached out to her boss for help and, “they made it happen,” she shares.

As for her future with the company, Rose says, “I like where I’m at, but you never know what the future holds.” Lucky for Rose, Summerwood offers plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Come grow with us!