Vince on Culture & People Development

Culture is a combo of deluxe proportions at Summerwood. It’s a blending of people, opportunity, chosen family and heart, with a drizzle of excellence on every item.

“ … the customer experience will never exceed the team member experience.” – Vince, RGM

Meet Vince, RGM of our Gibbstown Taco Bell in New Jersey. He’s been with Summerwood for nearly 20 years, and offers his perspective on company culture.

Once your store has a great culture to it … everyone is interacting with a guest or interacting with each other in a very positive way, it makes the customer feel good, it makes the management team feel good,” Vince says. He says guests feel that energy every day and often ask, “Who runs this store?” or “What franchise is this?” because of the impression made by his team and Summerwood.

This kind of environment, according to Vince, inspires people to want to learn, develop and advance their careers. Equally important, it also cultivates a desire to to help and train others, too.

More on People Development

Vince has enjoyed several transitions and promotions over the course of his restaurant career. He’s currently on track to become a Restaurant Training Manager. Even now, he’s intimately involved in training another wave of leaders — there are a handful of managers on his team currently ready to move up.

For Vince, it’s gratifying to witness “the progression of people” over time — to watch someone he hired and spent time with become a Shift Leader, for example. “To see them actually achieving great thingsthat’s really rewarding for me as an RGM.

Summerwood’s training programs and Taco Bells’ Learning Zone Program are key development tools that get you where you want to go,” Vince says. You just have to believe in yourself! Here, development is just part of our culture.

Great People Deserve to be Recognized

Recognition is a great part of what our company is and what it stands for,” Vince says. 

We offer bonus programs and incentives that aim to reward people at every level. Top managers can enjoy a weeklong stay at the company’s Shore House condo (check out these digs!) or may be selected for a reward trip. There are also programs at the restaurant level like running speed of service goals that inspire teamwork and healthy competition. Vince says it’s not just about giving someone a sticker and saying they did a great job. 

“ … believe in yourself and push yourself to get there we have the tools and the people to do it. -Vince

“Recognition is what drives people, it motivates people to do things and to really take pride in themselves,” he explains.

Why He’s Here

One of the reasons why I stay with the company is becausethey care about their people and they treat them like they’re family,” Vince says.

Even at his lowest points, he’s continued to find himself personally supported in ways you couldn’t even imagine” by the company and his peers (like another of our RGMs, Anastasia). Vince can call Corporate for help and is confident he’ll get a response. “Thats what really makes Summerwood a family, is that connection and that immediate response you get from any level of the business,” he says.

When helping others is part of the culture, it trickles down. Vince remarks that as an RGM, he gets to hear people’s stories and struggles, and help in whatever ways he can. With the Crew app, team members can also connect on a daily basis to cover or swap shifts, carpool, and so much more. Join the family today!