Family Feel Everywhere at Summerwood

Family Feel Everywhere at Summerwood

I waited all my life to be able to tell her what to do! -Teesha on being her own mom’s boss.

A strong bond exists within many of our teams at Summerwood. In fact, in some restaurants, we have biological family members working side by side like Alisha and daughter Amirah, who are employed at our Latrobe, PA Taco Bell, and RGM Lateesha and her mom Lisa (who’s a cashier) from Cambridge, MD.

Chosen Family: Always There for You

Family can be defined in so many ways — it’s not always based on shared DNA. Some of our beloved employees have earned titles like Taco Bell Mom and Mama Rosie. In Summerwood Taco Bells, team members find security, built-in support, strong role models to look up to, and often, compassion through personal crises. Our Bustleton, PA RGM Anastasia found all of this and more in her work mom, Maria.

“It’s all family here, and that includes the customers.” – Rosie, Deptford, NJ

“When Maria gave me a cashier position, I was very shy and lacked confidence in myself,” Anastasia says. “But Maria, she was amazing. She had patience and pushed me to accomplish every milestone in my adult life.

 When Anastasia didn’t have a place to stay, Maria brought her in to her home. During the birth of Anastasia’s first child, Maria was in the delivery room at 3 am. Professionally, she guided Anastasia into restaurant management. We no longer work in the same store, but we are still connected for life,” Anastasia says.

Special “Shout Outs” to Work Moms, Grandsons & Family

Brandy & Summer, Wind Gap, PA

Brandy means so much to me. She guides me through so much, whether it’s work or personal issues. She’s always there to pick me up off of the floor, always there to tell me right from wrong …she will always be like a mother to me.” -Summer

Mora & AGM Joy, Indiana, PA

I think Joy is an amazing person; wherever she is, she just seems to lighten up the mood. She’s been there for me since she started working at Indiana Taco Bell she even helped me in deciding the college I should go to. Without her, Indiana Taco Bell wouldn’t be as great as it is now. -Mora 

Becky & Bob

Becky and Bob have worked together for 13 years with three different companies! Bob says of Becky, She has always been very kind and supportive of me, whether in work or out of work. Whenever I need help, she is there. Even as I got older and started my own family, she still checked in I will forever be appreciative of all she has done for me.

Deb & Aaron, Mayslanding, NJ

A less common but equally sweet bond is the work grandma and work grandson connection between Deb and Aaron! No longer working together, Deb says they still talk often.

Aaron is a very kind and caring young manThis picture was taken on a New Jersey transit bus after he had been transferred and we hadn’t see each other. This young man hugged me and cried. He will always hold a special place in my heart. -Deb

Tyler & Chanessa, Walnutport, PA

“Even when Nessa is a little stressed out, she still maintains and treats us with a kind attitude just like my mother Nessa is amazing to work with and I can’t help but feel a little closer to home when I’m with her. -Tyler

I am so thankful for my Taco Bell family!” – subject, RGM Fourth Street

Taty, Rob, Zach, subject, Momma Berta

What chosen family looks like at Taco Bell! These individuals all met at Summerwood’s Airport Road location and built a special bond that has stood the test of time as they’ve moved on to other positions and locations.


photo caption (l to r): Taty, Rob, Zach, subject, Momma Berta

Mir & Momma Norma

I look at Norma as a mom because when I’m down, she’s there to pick me up. If I need help with something, she’s there [sic] too help me. She makes me laugh and she’s just a blessing to be around. -Mir

Mir and Norma having a little fun together on TikTok: