Brandon’s 18-Year Journey with Taco Bell

Brandon grew up at Taco Bell. Being a Taco Bell team member was his first job in high school, starting at age 15. What he intended to be “just a high school job,” quickly evolved into a thriving career. 

Currently a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) at Summerwood’s Aberdeen, SD location, Brandon has now been with Taco Bell for 18 years!

“It’s been a real journey,” he shares.

Success is the Sum of Small Efforts

Brandon acknowledges his length of service may not be for everyone, but insists that no matter the duration of your employment, Taco Bell is a great starting point for any career (especially with Brandon as your RGM). As a manager, his goal is always to make everybody stronger and better.

The way Brandon sets himself up for success, he says, is by aiming to make his restaurant even better year after year. Gathering the right team is a big part of that, which is why he’s proudly built a team focused on trust.

“You can feel the energy.” – Brandon, RGM

“Loyalty is the biggest thing to me,” he says. When the right team is working together, you can feel the energy.”

Building a Culture of Family

After we acquired the Aberdeen location, Brandon immediately noticed a positive change in management style. “They take the time to get to know us,” he says about Summerwood’s executive team.

Building relationships is a key part of Brandon’s managerial style as well. He thinks of his team members as family, and really means it when he says he’ll always be there to listen and help.


The Greatest Place on Earth

When he’s not crushing goals at the restaurant, Brandon loves to go to a place that brings out his inner child: DisneyWorld. It’s become a favorite escape because it’s where Brandon can indulge in his love of Star Wars.

While Yoda may say, “Difficult to see; always in motion is the future,” Brandon can clearly see his future with Taco Bell. He envisions working as an Area Coach someday, continuing to build people up and make the restaurants he touches stronger. Brandon, Summerwood is with you all the way!