Meet Cheryl: A 27 Year Veteran Of Summerwood

Cheryl’s tenure as an Area Coach began over 27 years ago. In her first role at Summerwood, she was a part-time team member in a store located in a mall in her home state of New Jersey. It quickly became apparent to the management team that Cheryl was one to watch.


Flexibility And Freedom: A Winning Combo

“I’ve stayed with Summerwood so long [because] it’s a familyoriented business and the people take care of us.”  

As a single mother raising two children, Cheryl loved the flexibility and freedom that Summerwood offered her. She was able to work parttime to support her family. Once her kids were out of the nest, her career with Summerwood exploded. 

After a year as a team member, she was promoted to Shift Manager. By 2011, she was named the Area Coach for several stores in New Jersey, and by 2017, her reign crossed state lines as she took on stores in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Support Network

With Summerwood, Cheryl shares, “I’ve always had a support group behind me in each position – pushing me, encouraging me, supporting me, and giving me the tools and the knowledge that I needed to move forward.” 

“I just love the people I work with at Summerwood.

Having experienced that level of encouragement firsthand, one of Cheryl’s favorite parts of the job is how many lives she has been able to touch in return. Now, as an Area Coach, Cheryl has had previous employees come back and visit her. “I’ve had employees come back to see me that are doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers, and it just makes me feel so proud that I was able to be part of that journey with them.”

Summerwood has helped Cheryl meet her family’s needs as well as her financial needs, but what keeps her coming back every day? You guessed it, the people. If you want to work at a job with great culture and even better people, join us!