Food Safety is Paramount to Us

September happens to be National Food Safety Education Month, but at Summerwood, every day of every month is about food safety! It’s impossible to serve our guests high-quality, craveable food (we can be proud of) without a pristine canvas.

It’s impossible to serve high-quality food without a pristine canvas.

That’s why we like to give a “shout out” when we see exceptional effort in our Taco Bell restaurants

Deptford Does Every Body Good

Congratulations to our Deptford, NJ team for “being in the green” and receiving high marks for their most recent CORE food safety audit.

“We get a surprise inspection three to four times a year in each of our locations, just making sure everything is being done properly and up to standards,” explains Destiny, the Deptford Restaurant General Manager (RGM).

Food safety isn’t rocket science, it makes good, healthy sense for everybody who walks into our restaurants. Along with Taco Bell Corporate, we’re committed to delivering safe, high-quality fare to every guest. So, what’s important to us?

  • Food safety training for all
  • Preventing contamination
  • Pristine surfaces
  • Proper food storage
  • Equipment in tip top shape
  • Thorough hand washing
  • Clean dining areas
  • Proper hygiene
  • The list goes on!


More on Summerwood Culture

Safety isn’t all we’re about at Summerwood, but we DO take pride in having high standards and safety measures in place.

At our celebrated Deptford location, our manager has been in the spotlight before for cultivating special friendships at work and her interest in community engagement beyond the register. With Destiny’s leadership, the Deptford Taco Bell looks like a great place to work!