Team Member Spotlight: Donna

Meet Donna, a longtime Summerwood employee who has devoted over 30 years to the company! Joining the workforce in the ’80s, Donna landed her first job as a team member at the Aston, DE Burger King. Today, she continues to work tirelessly at the very same location, which has since been converted into a Taco Bell.

“If we build that fun environment while still getting the job done, it gives us a great culture here at the store level.”

Donna’s story is one of climbing the career ladder to management level. She now uses her own leadership experience to inspire others. As an RGM, she says, “It gives me an opportunity to teach and develop my team, and to build their capabilities. And help in their personal and career growths, so they can now use that knowledge they have to move forward in their careers.”

Donna believes wholeheartedly that Summerwood supports its employees (“there’s always somebody to call”). She does her part to help the company build a family culture within and create a fun environment, which results in people enjoying the work. 

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