Team Member Spotlight: Francisco

Most 16-year-olds want a car for their birthday, but Francisco had his sights set on something even better: a job at Taco Bell.

“On my 16th birthday, I sent in an application and I came to talk to the manager,” he shares.

Francisco was interviewed the same day, and a week later, began his career with Summerwood. “I felt like I fit in here,” he says.

Francisco is a cross-trained team member at Summerwood’s Sicklerville, NJ, Taco Bell location and has been with Summerwood for over three years.

Speaking about his time with Summerwood, Francisco asserts, “It’s been absolutely great every step of the way.”

In his three years with the company, Francisco has been awarded Taco Bell’s $25,000 Live Más Scholarship two times in a row. 

“It’s an opportunity that has been given to me because my hard work has been acknowledged. I know many people don’t get that opportunity,” he recognizes.

“It felt unreal. I couldn’t believe it,” he continues. “I was expecting to wake up any moment.”

Francisco learned about the scholarship opportunity from his manager at Taco Bell, and with his Mom motivating him, he submitted a video application. He now encourages everyone to apply, acknowledging what an amazing opportunity it is.

“Without that money, I would not be able to go to school,” he says. He’s using the scholarship funds to pursue his passion in mechanical engineering.

Francisco credits Summerwood with facilitating his passion. “Everyone is very supportive of me,” he says. Having a flexible schedule and team member support has been crucial on his journey.

“It’s a real blessing to be here with this kind of team,” Francisco says.

He encourages others to join Summerwood. But he also has hopes for future employees: that “they embody hard work, perseverance and dedication” to the team.

Aside from continuing his education with Summerwood’s support, Francisco is also training to be a manager. All of this, and he doesn’t even drink coffee, folks. Keep it up, Francisco!