Most Read Blog Posts Highlight Activity at Summerwood!

There was plenty going on in 2023 throughout our company. And we continue to make it a priority to keep you in the loop on Summerwood happenings via the company blog. Here’s a roundup of the year’s most-read stories:

Three Cheers for Chandra

It’s a story that starts with struggle and concludes with success. Meet the inspiring Chandra, RGM of our Bristol Taco Bell.

York Gets TWO Double Drive-Thrus

Summerwood proudly replaced aging buildings with modern Taco Bells in York, PA on White Street and North George Street.

More than a Zoom: Annual Meeting Highlights 

Our 2023 State of the Union, though virtual, held incredible significance. First, we were in the company of such VIPs as Taco Bell President Mike Grams and CEO Mark King, among others. We also celebrated an impressive list of top performers.

Signature at Summerwood + Two Go for the Gold!

Fourteen of our Taco Bells made “signature status” and two of our own GMs, Sunil and Guarav, received Taco Bell’s highest award, the Golden Bell.

People Spotlight: Rahfael in Sicklerville

Meet Breakfast Coach Rahfael from our Sicklerville, NJ Taco Bell.

New Restaurant Openings Pique Interest

Our web traffic stats reveal visitors are landing on the main page for all of our restaurant opening announcements.

Meet Area Coach Brian

A 20-year veteran in the industry, Brian shares career wisdom and reverence for the company.

Liza on Finding Joy at Work

Meet Georgetown, DE Project Coach Liza, who shares about her 20-plus career with Summerwood. Her favorite part about being with us? Simply, “the joy parts.”

People Spotlight: Area Coach Adam

Adam joined us at a strange time: mid-pandemic. He brings with him knowledge and leadership experience from 24 years in the restaurant industry.