Meet: Area Coach

Brett is an Area Coach for Summerwood Taco Bell restaurants in Pittsburgh, PA, Area 26. Brett has been with Summerwood for five years, but was recently promoted to the coaching role. 

Brett’s work-life motto can easily be summed up by the adage, “stay humble, hustle hard.” Brett started as a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) in Philadelphia, but says Summerwood helped him relocate to Pittsburgh for the Area Coach role.

If you ask Brett, he’ll tell you that’s just the Summerwood way. 

“The environment, the culture,” he says. “It’s all about being a good steward. After all, its said that you are a true success when you help others be successful.

Brett’s favorite part of his new role is coaching and teaching team members. Being responsible for seven market areas requires a lot of hard work and leadership, but Brett has appreciated learning about working at Summerwood from a different perspective.