Meet: Food Service Champion

When it comes to the first job experience, Logan is doing it all with Summerwood. Hired in December, 2020, Logan is a high school junior at Gloucester County Institute of Technology. 

“I had a friend who told me that Taco Bell was looking for team members,” Logan recalls. “I was going to apply for a job at Burger King. But Taco Bell just sounded cooler.” Today, he’s realized that a job at Summerwood is teaching him about more than just Tacos. 

“I’m kind of a quiet type of person,” Logan says, “so, when I work here, it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I feel like I’m learning how to talk to guests and work as a team.” Teamwork is one thing that Logan loves about his job at the Gibbstown Taco Bell. His Manager, Fred, and RGM in training, EJ, keep him feeling confident and welcomed when he’s on the job. 

“Fred brings so much joy to the team,” Logan says. “He takes work seriously, but we all laugh a little when Fred is around.” It’s that kind of camaraderie that keeps Logan coming back for more each day. “I’m honestly really glad I applied for this job.”