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Upcoming Training

Shift Classes:
– March 26th & May 20th

Open House:
– March 16th & April 20th

Acting RGM Class:
– May 9th

Xformity Class:
– March 12th

Career Conversations:
– May 13th | Conshohocken
– May 16th | WV/Pitt
– May 21st | Baltimore

Leadership Essentials:
– March 18th, 19th, & 20th

Building RGM Capabilities: (ZOOM)
– March 25th, April 8th

Exciting News

Bryant: Life is Good with Summerwood: Meet Bryant, a dedicated Restaurant General Manager (RGM) and Training
Manager who leads our King of Prussia, PA Taco Bell, though he travels to other restaurants for his training role. Bryant has spent his entire 22-year career with us and credits much along the way to his time with the company. He’s climbed many rungs

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